Baba Aiso Var Dhoondho is an emotional tale about Bharati, a young girl with a beautiful heart and an abundance of talent. However, she faces rejection and ridicule due to dwarfism.

She longs to find a man who will love her for the person she is, despite her physical condition. For the first time on Indian television, real life merged with reel life as Bharati's role essayed, not by a trained actress, but by an ordinary girl who is also dealing with the same problem in real life. The lead character of Bharati is portrayed by debutant JuhiAslam, whose honest portrayal of a character, so close to her real life, had striked a chord of audiences all over. The only daughter of rich and kind parents, Bharati has been raised with all the luxuries of life and has never been made to feel that she is lacking in any way. Bharati is very intelligent, headstrong yet soft spoken and a nice human being. A top ranked student, she has always made her parents proud of her. While she has accepted what life has offered her, she dislikes being ridiculed about her height.

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